Anime Dragon Ball Z Movie 10

A dark, powerful figure is unconscious, experiencing vivid flashbacks of Kakarotto defeating him. The scene switches to a happy one of Goten and Trunks searching for the Dragon balls, chaperoned by Videl. Goten wants to wish for lots and lots of food to eat, and Trunks wants the Dragon balls so he can go on lots of adventures. They have some fun, cute adventures finding the DBs, and eventually make it to the last one, which is strung on the necklace of a village shaman. The villagers are about to sacrifice a young, beautiful maiden to the monster god of the village, in return for their peace and well-being. Goten and Trunks fly off and defeat the monster–a really goofy dinosaur–easily. The villagers congratulate them and give them the Dragon ball, and all three Z soldiers stay in the village overnight. The next morning, Videl goes out early and runs into Brolli, who has inexplicably survived Movie #8, and has also inexplicably lost most of his brain. Brolli mistakes Videl for Kakarotto and knocks her unconscious in a lake, then goes after Goten and Trunks. The two boys spend some time running around, avoiding Brolli, and getting into hi-jinks. This goes on until Gohan steps in for no good reason and tries to fight. There’s a really typical fight in which Brolli is covered by lava, and Gohan is rescued by kuririn in a Piccolo outfit. Brolli escapes the lava, and fights back again. Goten wishes that the Dragon would defeat Brolli, and Goku’s ghost is resurrected to help them fight. Using a Triple Kamehameha, the Son family knocks Brolli into the white-hot sun. Goku disappears, leaving the question of whether or not he was really there, and everybody goes home happy.

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