Goblin Slayer (TV-Series)

* Based on a dark fantasy light novel series written by Kagyuu Kumo and illustrated by Kannatsuki Noboru.

“I’m not saving the world. I’m just killing goblins.”

A fifteen-year-old priestess from the Temple. Having completed her training, decides to become an adventurer in order to use her skills to help people. For her first mission, she joins a party of similarly new adventurers as they set off to kill goblins. But the group grossly underestimates the threat that goblins pose, and just as the priestess is about to be killed. She is saved by a strange man in full armor. Known only as “Goblin Slayer,” he explains to the priestess how to effectively wipe out goblins, a skill he has dedicated his life to based on past tragedies – enough that the priestess is willing to join him.

Episodes (12)

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