Stella Jogakuin Koutou-ka C³-bu

Stella Jogakuin narrates the adventures of Yamato Yura, who has just entered the Stella Academy for girls. Kashima Sonora a third year student and Yura’s new roomate is the President of C3. A club based on survival games with Airsoft and BB guns. The other members of the Club include two second years called Hatsuse Karila and Mutsu Honoka, and two other freshmen Kirishima Rento, whose family owns a candy store and Hinata Yachiyo daughter of the dean. Thus, we follow the lives of these students and their day to day adventures playing war games. What Yura will observe is that they are passionate about all compressed air weapons and survival games. The new recruit will learn the meaning of the club name C3: Command, Control, Communication. Yura wonders if she will be able to integrate with the group while remaining herself.

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